To Communicate. To Deliver.

These are among the meanings of Defero, in Latin. Who says Latin is dead? Latin is used every day by millions of practicing Catholics and thousands of high school and college students studying the classics.


Anyway, the point of all this is to tell you that Defero Advisory Services speaks fluent Latin. No, actually, we don’t. But we do have a way with words when it comes to telling you what works and what does not work when you’re charged with building coalitions, bringing wildly disparate stakeholders together to support a single cause, structuring an organization that plays well with others, or allocating scarce funding resources for maximum effect in the field of advocacy and politics.


We don’t promise much, do we? And yet that promise is backed by years of success, of results. Our clients get things done and affect the lives of millions - for the better. 


Sound interesting?


If you said no, then clearly we’re not the company for you.


But if you said yes - or even maybe - we can work together.